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Welcome to Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc for expectant teens. Shalom Bayit’s objective is to save the children in every aspect; the young ladies who are with child and the child to be.

We shall house, counsel, nurture and love all our extended family; so they enter the world knowing they are someone special.  Well able to cope with all the world has to serve and be victors not victims.  Counseling for the young men, should they desire to marry the mother of their child or want to be involved in the rearing responsibilities of their child.

Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc. shall set forth an example for all our “SBF Daughters” to achieve a personal relationship with God.

Opportunities for Our Friends

Our friends have the opportunity to remember Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc., for a lifetime, in their Wills, Gift Annuities, or Charitable Trusts.  If you are considering a gift in your long-range estate plans or you have already arranged it, please inform us so we may assure your wishes are fulfilled indubitably.

Also, for our friends who wish to  support our mission continually, now, at no cost to you; download Shalom Bayit Foundation, Inc.’s toolbar – see the GoodSearch Badge for directions.

To make a donation at this time you may press the “Donate” button on the right side of the page.